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Treatment Options

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Treatments offered:

  • Clinical Nutrition Counseling

  • Lifestyle Counseling

  • Botanical Medicine

  • Nutraceuticals & Supplementation 

  • Acupuncture 

  • Cupping

  • Traditional Chinese Medicine 

  • Physical Medicine 

  • Homeopathy 

  • Laboratory & blood work requisitions and interpretation 

  • Vitamin injections 


Areas of focus:

  • Pre & Post Natal Care 

    • Prenatal care can begin 3-6 months before conception to optimize health and fertility for you and your partner. 

    • Pregnancy support to ensure adequate nutrition and supplementation as well as treatment of common pregnancy related symptoms such as:

      • Nausea & vomiting 

      • Heartburn 

      • Urinary tract infections 

      • Varicose veins & hemorrhoids 

      • Constipation 

      • Yeast infections 

      • Anemia 

      • Colds/ flus 

      • Encouraging labour when past due 

    • Preparation for breastfeeding and postpartum 

    • Well baby & well child checks 

    • Post partum care including healing and support for post partum depression

  • Breastfeeding Support 

    • Anticipating and preventing breastfeeding issues

    • Latching & feeding management 

    • Difficulty latching

    • Breast & Nipple pain 

    • Low milk production 

    • Mastitis 

    • Blocked ducts 

    • Vasospasm 

    • Breastfeeding loss counseling

    • Healthy weaning

    • Nipple care

    • Pumping

    • Tongue tie & lip tie

  • Pediatric Care 

    • Common conditions treated include: 

      • Eczema 

      • Allergies

      • Asthma 

      • Ear infections

      • Colds & flus 

      • ADHD 

      • Autism 

    • Well child checks to ensure everything is on track

  • Physical Medicine for sports injuries or muscle pain/ soreness

    • Cupping 

    • Acupuncture 

    • Electrostimulation 

    • Trigger point release

    • Taping 


Please note that although these services are listed as areas of focus for Dr. Tower, this does not mean that she doesn’t treat other health conditions. Dr. Tower has knowledge and experience in treating numerous conditions including cardiovascular disease, high blood pressure and cholesterol, digestive concerns, chronic fatigue, sleep concerns, mental health concerns and much more!

Please book a free 15 minute discovery call if you are curious as to how she can help you with your health goals 

To book an appointment or discovery call, please click here →

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