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Naturopathic medicine

About Naturopathic Medicine:


  • Naturopathic medicine is a distinct form of primary health care that emphasizes prevention, treatment, and optimal health through the use of therapeutic methods and substances that support the body’s natural ability to heal and help you achieve sustainable health and wellness. Naturopathic Doctors use an individualized approach that combines modern evidence based medicine with traditional and natural medicine. Naturopathic Doctors take time to find and treat the root cause of your symptoms and address preventable risk factors. Naturopathic assessment, diagnosis and treatment of the individual are accomplished by integrating modern and traditional care which includes clinical and laboratory testing. Naturopathic medicine is for people of all ages and health histories who want to take their health into their own hands. 


  • Principles of Naturopathic Medicine: 

    • First, to do no harm. 
      - Utilization of therapies that are minimally invasive and minimize the risk of harmful side effects 

    • To cooperate with the healing powers of nature 

    • To address the fundamental causes of disease 

    • To heal the whole person through individualized treatment 

    • To teach the principles of healthy living and preventative medicine

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