Placenta Encapsulation

During pregnancy, the placenta is not only providing your sweet babe oxygen, nutrients and waste removal from their blood, the placenta is also causing dramatic increase in CRH, prolactin, cortisol, progesterone and estrogen, in other words, the good stuff! These hormones help the upcoming birth person cope with pain + stress that comes with pregnancy, labour and delivery. By full term pregnancy, hormone levels may rise by 1,000 fold! Amazing right!? Which may leave you wondering, what happens after birth when the placenta is gone? Well, the brain feels a little confused on when and how to produce these stress-coping and pain-relieving hormones which then, usually within' three to five days, leaves the new hormones rapidly dropping down to pre-pregnancy levels. The placenta is filled with nutrients including minerals, amino acids, iron, proteins, vitamin b6 and oxytocin! by consuming the placenta, the postpartum parent can replenish these vital hormones which may help ease them into the transition of parenthood.

Individuals who consumed their placenta reported:

  • Increase in milk production

  • Increase in energy

  • Improved mood

  • Increase in CRH (a stress-reducing hormone)

  • Alleviated postnatal bleeding

  • Quicker postpartum recovery

  • Decrease in baby blues/postpartum depression

  • Increased libido

  • Increased iron levels


Within the first 72 hours following your birth, Lovewell’s Certified Placenta Encapsulation Specialist will begin the encapsulation process using a Traditional Method of preparation (inspired by Traditional Chinese Medicine), as well as, additional add-on services to fit your postpartum needs.


traditional method:

The placenta is first thoroughly cleaned in a cool bath and checked over for overall health. The placenta is then steamed with warming herbs such as ginger, lemon and jalapeño to “infuse it with warmth”. Next, the warmed placenta is sliced into strips and left to dry in the dehydrator. The strips are then ground into a fine powder, placed into vegan capsules, packaged and delivered to your doorstep. Number of capsules will vary by each placenta, average ranges between 80-150.




Placenta Encapsulation Package - $250

- Pick up of the placenta from your place of birth

- Encapsulation using traditional method of preparation

- An umbilical cord keepsake

- Delivery of the finished package back to you along with all written usage and care instructions

add ons

Placenta Print - $20 - Using acid-free paper, the paper is placed firmly onto the placenta while the blood acts as the ink. It is then patted a couple times and left to dry. After the print has dried well, the print can be sprayed with art fixative. It is then set out to dry again. Once dry it can be framed for babies nursery or further painted as desired.

Placenta Tincture - $50 - A tincture will be created by soaking a very small portion of the placenta in high proof alcohol for six weeks. Tinctures can be used through out your life span in times of high stress or anxiety, during mensuration as a hormone stabilizer and can even provide energy during menopause years down the road.

Placenta Salve - $60 - Using healing and soothing ingredients, placenta salves are an amazing aid that can be used for skin irritations, scrapes, Perineal or c-section scarring once healed. (Average shelf life in a cool dry place is 3-6 weeks)

Nicole Newman

Nicole, a dedicated life long learner, passionate reader and birth enthusiast, is a mother, an educator, and a labour and postpartum doula.


Nicole is devoted to supporting folks with knowledge about birth and parenthood. At the centre of Nicole's work is the belief that humans should have access to sound information about pregnancy and postpartum health. She embraces that knowledge is power and she wants every person to be in control of their own wellness through empowerment and information.


When not supporting and educating families, Nicole delights in spending time with her better half and their two adventurous daughters.