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Where It All Started...

In a coffee shop. Yep, three of us in a coffee shop meeting for the first time, sharing birth stories and what lead us to being a Doula. Lindsay, Nicole, and myself, Carlie - dreaming together of having a Doula business that would one day have a space where we could offer classes and support groups that would compliment our doula services. We decided to join forces and work together as a team to support our city and be the first Doula Collective in town. Well Rounded Doulas. We had a website and a couple social media accounts. Along came Stephany.

If you’ve ever had the privilege of getting to know Stephany, you will know she is the sweetest soul, very lively and fun, and also what I like to call a “go-getter.” There is very little to no procrastination with that woman. She finds something she can dream and envision, she does it. So when Stephany joined the team, if we were taking this business and just cruising around town with it, Stephany brought us to the freeway. Our name and brand quickly began to grow, as did the clientele and doula awareness.

At the beginning of 2019, we knew some changes were coming. Lindsay decided it was time to leave the collective and focus more on family and prepare for school. We are so thankful for her investment into Well Rounded Doulas and are very supportive of her pursuing her dreams. We decided it was time to re-brand. Insert, Laura :) Laura may not be a Doula, but she is a mother of three and has big dreams for supporting the women here through pregnancy and postpartum. So much so, that it seemed like a perfect fit to team together and make this dream come true. Though it happened a lot faster than we expected, once we started the engine, we just kept rollin!

We fully re-branded. We evaluated, and we envisioned. We planned and we created. Well, to say we created a business would just be an understatement. This thing was birthed in us. Together. We really did put blood, sweat, and tears into it…and lots of late nights. We entered into the WIN THIS SPACE competition put on by the SLDBC. We did 3 weeks of “business bootcamp,” we made a fully detailed business plan, and presented a 12-min pitch of our business idea in front of a panel of judges. We had competitors and other really great local business ideas that we were up against. Our name was called. We WON! We couldn’t believe this was actually happening! Everything came so fast and we just worked with it. What did we win? A storefront with the first year rent paid, and a one-year Chambers of Commerce membership. We got the keys, we signed with the lawyer, secured our accountant and bookkeeper, and got busy making Lovewell all we saw it being. Things came together beautifully, and fast! All hands were on deck, including spouses, family, and friends that each pitched in and helped us make this happen.

Lovewell Birth Collective & Wellness Shop. A place for parents and caregivers to Learn, Shop, Relax & Heal. Our doors opened July 2019 [If you'd like to watch a video I put together from our Grand Opening, you can view it here]. We carry natural products geared towards pregnancy and postpartum, and some handmade items from other local moms. We even started creating some of our own Lovewell products too. Aside from the shop, we also run support groups and classes, all to support and enhance the process and experience of pregnancy, birth, and postpartum. We brought on two more Doula members, Amy & Katie who help provide Doula services to our growing clientele. We also rent birth tubs for those choosing a home water birth. If you are interested in learning more about our classes, doula services, and shop products, you can visit our website or follow us on Facebook and Instagram.

Our journey as Lovewell is just beginning! We are always evaluating, thinking ahead, and expanding of how we can serve YOU better through this journey.

From this blog you will get to know a little bit more of each of our partners and members as well as helpful tips and info for all things related to pregnancy, childbirth, postpartum, and parenting.

We look forward to having you follow along!

Thank you…

From, The Lovewell Team

Nurturing you through the process and transformation of childbirth and parenting

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